History of Data Journalism at The Guardian

Data journalism is something new and relies on the technologies of the moment. Since the very first issue of the Guardian in 1821 and have been presenting that data in interesting ways to bring the story to life.

The first table of data in the Guardian showcased information about the amount of kids in school at that time before compulsory education. Unless we understand and know whats going on in the world through data then how can things improve.

Before the guardian utilised photographs they represented visual data through graphs made up of type. The use of cross hatching and textures through lines to show different categories within the graphs. Moving from just stating facts to visually reassuring people through iconography and graphs. Photography and illustrations were then used to further add to the story as well as using the data. Interactions through digital maps and data visualised on computers allowed for speed and accessibility to data in the 21st century.


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